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Photo Album

Some of the photos are large files.  Please be patient as they upload.

Summer 2001

November 2001 (Germany/Belgium)

Christmas 2001 (NY/Germany)

après Christmas 2001 (Germany)

February 2002 (Ski Weekend at Edelweiss Ski Lodge, Vermont)

April 2002 (Gottschee'r Bowling Club vs. Brooklyn Sports Club)   The Bowlers    The Cheerleaders

June 2002 (Gottschee'r Männerchor at Lukan's, Hawley PA )

July 2002 (Zum Stammtisch Golf Outing at Forest Park)

Christmas 2002 (NY/Germany)

Winter 2003

February 2003 (Gottscheer Ski Weekend, Vermont)

March 2003, (Edelweiss Ski Weekend, Vermont)

June 2003 (Jüttner's BD Party)

July 2003 (Germany)

July 2003 (Zum Stammtisch Golf Outing)

January 2004 (Switzerland)

February 2004 (Gottscheer Ski Weekend, Vermont)