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Photo Album

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après Christmas 2001 (Germany)

wlkng_uphill.JPG (28026 bytes)

Sled riding on the outskirts of Flörsheim am Main

tricia.JPG (24784 bytes)

"Yeah, right!  I'm not going down that hill!" - Tricia Schramm

AJ_n_Tricia.JPG (13403 bytes)

"But maybe if I use Alexander as a front bumper?"

R_n_AJ.JPG (29786 bytes)

"I'd rather ride shotgun with Onkel Roland" - Alexander Jüttner

RAB.JPG (24559 bytes)                              AJ.JPG (19230 bytes)

"Smart kid!" - Roland Belay                               "Best Onkel in the world!"

Ute_n_HB_sled.jpg (48391 bytes)      AJ_sled.jpg (24911 bytes)

Ute, Heidi 'Belay' Jüttner and Alexander sled riding.

living_room.JPG (22130 bytes)

Time to say good-bye and go back to NY - Roland, Heidi, Alexander and Christopher Jüttner

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