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Photo Album

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Zum Stammtisch Golf Outing

July 14, 2003

 Copy of OTAR 2.jpg (51606 bytes)                     Copy of Ollie putt.jpg (66068 bytes)                        Copy of Aidan putt 2.jpg (70649 bytes)         

The Glenlo Connection                Ollie: The cup moved!        Ollie and Tom: Aidan's going to miss.    

Copy of RJ.JPG (56108 bytes) Copy of Stamm chefs.jpg (67482 bytes) Copy of Pat beer.jpg (59285 bytes) Copy of Aidan lunch.jpg (66135 bytes)

Rick 'n John            The Chefs            Pat the Supervisor            The Partyers

Copy of John lunch.jpg (72583 bytes)        Copy of Frank lunch.jpg (68108 bytes)                 Copy of Sleeper 2.jpg (83929 bytes)        Copy of Joe corn 2.jpg (102946 bytes)

Ed 'n John chowing down    Frank 'n Steve drinking up    The magician 'n his sleeper    Organizer Joe       

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