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Photo Album

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Gottschee'r Männerchor at Lukans, Hawley PA

Lukan_Lunch.jpg (36797 bytes)

Lunch at Lukans

Mannerchor.jpg (34545 bytes)

The Männerchor entertaining the guests below Saturday evening.

Mr_Mrs_Erker.jpg (24818 bytes)         Mr_Mrs_Vogrin.jpg (27595 bytes)         Mrs_Schlindrer_Ruhri.jpg (32966 bytes)         Mr_Ruhri_Schlindrer.jpg (29134 bytes) 

Resi & Ferdl Erker           John & Galina Vogrin         Mrs. Schlindrer & Ruhri        Mr. Ruhri & Schlindrer

Mrs_Sajowitz.jpg (21707 bytes)         Prize_Stand.jpg (39547 bytes)         Lukan_Snack.jpg (38314 bytes)

Rosina Sajowitz                    Prize Stand                    Midnight Snack

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