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Photo Album

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Edelweiss Ski Weekend

March 22, 2003

 Copy (3) of 03 Boots.jpg (205134 bytes)

Master, where are you ?


March 23, 2003

Mount Snow

Copy (2) of 03 Dave pole.jpg (190382 bytes)                  Copy (2) of 03 Lake.jpg (217468 bytes)                 Copy (2) of 03 Mt wind.jpg (321743 bytes)    

Dave: Last time I use my pole to beat off the women!        We're sure glad Tony is stopping that wind ! 

Copy_2_of_03_Picnic_Group_2.JPG (128411 bytes)                         Copy (2) of 03 Gary Dr.jpg (155250 bytes)                              Copy_2_of_03_Picnic_2.JPG (130037 bytes)

St. Patty's Party on the Deck         Gary: The Doctor to the rescue!        Better eat before the heat warms the food.

Copy of 03 Torio Angela.jpg (233043 bytes)                  Copy of 03 Mr & Mrs PREZ.JPG (126679 bytes)                      Copy of 03 John Kelley.jpg (246499 bytes)

How come Angela's dish looks better?        The Presidential Family.        John and Kelley: Is he campaigning again?

Copy of 03 Tony wknd over.jpg (177116 bytes)                  Copy of 03 Bus Snooze.JPG (602514 bytes)                                  Copy of 03 G & T Busted.JPG (603243 bytes)

Tony: Do we have to go home?        Dreaming of next year?        Gary & Tom: We made an extra $2 for the club!

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