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Photo Album

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Christmas 2001 

New York

bowling_xmas_01.jpg (363712 bytes)

Gottscheer Bowling Club Christmas Party at Gottscheer Hall.

RB_n_AB_in_concert_2.jpg (283507 bytes)

Roland and Albert Belay in concert Christmas Eve at the Belay residence.

R_n_AB_w_tree.jpg (316975 bytes)

Resi Belay, master critique, and Albert Belay, master violinist.


Florsheim.jpg (164096 bytes)

Flörsheim am Main, Germany

Juttners_Mars.jpg (322616 bytes)

Joachim, Christopher and Alexander Jüttner hard at work putting together Christmas toys.

CJ_n_RB_soccer.jpg (272656 bytes)

Christopher Jüttner kicking Roland Belay in Lego Soccer.

CJ_Hot_Wheels.jpg (325477 bytes)

Christopher Jüttner wearing his new ear muffs while racing his new Hot Wheels.

Schramms_at_HB.jpg (307424 bytes)

Tricia and Chiara Schramm enjoying lunch with Familie Jüttner.

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