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Photo Album

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Gottscheer Ski Weekend

February 21-22-23, 2003

             03 Schnitz bus.jpg (70392 bytes)                           03 Timmy Brian bus.jpg (72654 bytes)                          JNLP shots.jpg (412826 bytes)       

Schnitzel: Here's to a great trip       Timmy: Hey Ugly! Brian: Who invited you?             Ski Shots 

 03 Ernie push Liz.jpg (534328 bytes)                                       03 Heidi on ground.jpg (266736 bytes)         Copy of 03 JTB lift.jpg (152352 bytes)           Copy of 03 Heidi ground ski.jpg (152248 bytes) 

Liz getting a helping hand from Ernie   Heidi: snowboarding is easy!  What's she doing down there?  Skiing is easy too!

                03 HRL bar.jpg (340615 bytes)                   Copy of 03 Donny bar.jpg (87652 bytes)                         03 Rich bar 2.jpg (83897 bytes)              

Heidi, Roland, Liz: apres ski        Donny: I can't believe they served me!     Richie: I just want one! 

 Copy of 03 cards.jpg (163475 bytes)                          Copy of 03 Nancy dip.jpg (403280 bytes)               Copy of 03 Jenga Queen 2.jpg (105956 bytes)       03 Nancy PJ.jpg (398996 bytes)   

 Roland: Easy money!          Nancy & John: Heating up the evening!     Jenga Queen 2003      I'm warmed up! Hello?

03 Kenny.jpg (85576 bytes)                                       Copy of 03 Schnitz bkfst.jpg (77621 bytes)                     Copy of Diane Bob bkfst.jpg (92456 bytes)  

Kenny: you want 2 of everything for breakfast?       This isn't Jaegermeister!     Diane & Bob: Nice engagement party

 Copy of 03 Ernie.jpg (88845 bytes)                                       Copy of 03 Danny missing.jpg (97157 bytes)  

              Ernie: Becks, the breakfast of champions!                Chris: I wish my friend Danny were here.

Copy of 03 Archie.jpg (92643 bytes)                                 03 Group.jpg (179762 bytes)                             03 Road.jpg (113432 bytes)

Archie: Don't worry John, I'm not going into the picture taking business.    The road that wouldn't let us go.


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