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Photo Album

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Vermont Ski Weekend

Saturday (Evening Part 1), February 23, 2002

     blender.jpg (180219 bytes)                                             dancing.jpg (157004 bytes)     

Herman and Ed: have blender, will party!                    Dance Fever at the Edelweiss Lodge bar

bartender_wave.jpg (167439 bytes)                                               GI_in_bar.jpg (93681 bytes)

Herman and Ed: do you think anyone noticed us?             Galo to Irene: quick, let's get some sleep tonight

  Jenga_Queen.jpg (132584 bytes)                                                       Jenga_Judge.jpg (181607 bytes)     

Denada: the Jenga Queen               Roland the Jenga referee, Tony and Alyson the ardent fans

  TV_room.jpg (138905 bytes)

The Olympic fans in the TV room

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