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Photo Album

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Vermont Ski Weekend

Friday, February 22, 2002

B_on_bus.jpg (116394 bytes)                                                                 bus_b_d.jpg (88300 bytes) 

Bobby: a few brewskies for the bus ride up            Brigid and Denada: we'll fight those men off together !

bus_p.jpg (152990 bytes)                                                      chef.jpg (66591 bytes) 

John: dreaming of the snow covered hills                              Roland: Karl Ehmer chef for the bus ride

bus_be_1.jpg (19602 bytes)                                                     bus_er.jpg (165084 bytes)     

        Ed: is that food I see up front?                          Ed: why do I always sleep through everything?

cards_1.jpg (26292 bytes)

Galo, John, Alyson, Tony: who took all our money?

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