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Photo Album

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January, 2004

Das Aletsch-Gebiet

 Riederalp, Switzerland

04Riederalp.jpg (744856 bytes)                                                    04Valley.jpg (1045008 bytes)     

Riederalp (elevation: 1925m) from the gondola      Looking down from Riederalp at Mörel in the valley (759m)    

 04Clouds1.jpg (631400 bytes)         04Clouds2.jpg (1031907 bytes)    

The valley covered in a sea of clouds with Italian Alps in the background.

04RAB.jpg (924909 bytes)                                                                04Bettmerhorn.jpg (722872 bytes)

Roland Belay, with the Matterhorn in the background.        Roland and Alexander Jüttner up on Bettmerhorn (2872m)

04Slope1.jpg (775094 bytes)                     04Slope2.jpg (741518 bytes)                    04SlopeAlex.jpg (1321363 bytes)    

Riederhorn in Riederalp (2280m)        Moosfluh in Bettmeralp (2335m)        Alex schussing the slopes

Juttner3.jpg (1705312 bytes)                                            04Sled.jpg (1197202 bytes)    

The Jüttners: Christopher, Alex, Heidi        The only means of transportation: horse sleigh

04Lunch.jpg (1594098 bytes)                                            04HnA.jpg (764694 bytes)

The every day lunch break with our friends                Heidi and Joachim Jüttner

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